Cutting Oil
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20108 Cutting Oil $5.56
For faster cutting of hard or soft metals. Specially formulated reinforced cutting compound that clings to exact work area. May be successfully applied to the hardest stainless steels as well as soft metals such as aluminum, brass and copper. Material will not break down or run off. May be used for drilling, cutting, sawing and threading operations. No loss due to spillage, dripping or evaporation. Actually reduces cost. Reinforced, high viscosity oil formulated with sulfurized mineral oil, chlorinated wax and extreme pressure additives. Its multi-action provides maximum lubricity that saves tool cutting edges which means less tool sharpening, less down time, cleaner cuts and fewer rejects. Easily cleaned off. Cutting Oil washes off finished pieces easily using cleaner such as LMS Industrial Solvent Degreaser/Cleaner. In the spray package it clings at any angle with no drip, no waste and can be sprayed into hard to lubricate areas such as the internal treading of pipe. An aerosol can go as far as a gallon of ordinary cutting oil because it is directed to the cutting area where it stays. Contains no nitrosamine forming compounds. Cutting Oil can be applied to the cutting line, insuring continued lubrication through the entire cut. Saws stay sharp longer, reducing maintenance and replacement costs. Cutting Oil can be economically spotted at the mark to be drilled. Drills run cooler, last longer. Cutting Oil works wonders in tapping, threading tools stay sharp longer.

Lubricates, Removes Heat, Extreme Pressure Additives, Smoother Finishers, For All Metals, Extend Tool Life, Clings to Work, Saves Cutting Edges, Makes Cleaner Cuts, Speeds Work

Product should be sprayed in a well ventilated area. Spray at room temperature. Shake well before using. Open and shut the valve completely. Keep your fingertip out of the spray so as not to form droplets. To avoid possible clogging, turn the can upside down and spray a short jet or clear gas after completing each job. To use entire contents, hold spray head and rotate can until material sprays.

Safety Engineering Guide:
Petroleum Base-Flashpoint<98,9 C (210 F)

Precautionary Information:
The principal hazard with this product, as with any other product of this type, is the smoke and fumes produced if it is used for heavy cutting operations. Care should be taken to avoid excessive inhalation of these by-products.

Available in a case 12 cans.

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