Open Gear Lubricant
Online store of Lubricants as Chain Lubricant for Tractors, Chain Hoists, Chain Drives, Chainsaws, Cutting Oil for cutting metal, Dry Lubricant, Open Gear Lubricant, Paintable Release Agent, mold release can, dry powder lubricant for smooth surface, lubricating pump shafts, valve stems by Dixie Packing and Seal Company in Tennessee, USA.
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Item# Product Quantity Price
20718 Open Gear Lubricant $5.05
Lubricates, Protects Open Gears, Wire Rope and Chain Drives.

Open Gear Lubricant is the last word in high performance, specialized lubrication.

Unusually strong adherence and working properties guarantee economical positive protection.

Self-Adhering Lubricant

Water Resistant

Resistant to Acid Fumes

Moisture Barrier

Resists Extrusion

USDA Accepted

Available in cases of 12 aerosol cans.

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