Stainless Steel Cleaner
Online store of multi purpose cleaner as biodegradable industrial and marine cleaner for industrial, marine, food processing, hospitals, schools, institutions, automobile and machine shops by Dixie Packing & Seal Company in Nashville, Tennessee (TN) USA.
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Item# Product Quantity Price
20348 Stainless Steel Cleaner $7.66
Oil base cleaner & polish

Surface maintainer

No acid, no silicone, no abrasives

Repels oils and stains

WIN not powder

Light Citrus Fragrance

Easy to Use

Concentrated, Ready to Use

Surface Friendly

Protects Surfaces

Will not cake in crevices

No rubbing or polishing required

For Use:
Restaurants, Hotels, Motels, Offices, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Doctor's Offices, Schools, Universities, Child Care Centers, Malls, Retail Stores, And Much, Much More!

Available in cases of 12 aerosol cans.

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