NUTECH 5 Cartridge Seal

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NUTECH 5 NUTECH 5 Cartridge Seal $0.00

Unique, heavy duty single spring design resists clogging in abrasive applications. Cartridge design for easy installation. Infield repair kit available to reduce down-time. Static o-ring eliminates shaft/sleeve fretting. Pressure tested for assurance before leaving the factory.

Look into stuffing box from coupling end. If shaft is rotating clockwise, a right hand wound spring is required. If it is rotating counter-clockwise, a left hand wound spring is required.

Operating Specifications:
Temperature limit: -40 deg F to 400 deg F or -40 deg C to 205 deg C based on standard elastomer
Pressure limit to: Vacuum to 17.01 kPa (250 psi)
Shaft speeds to: 3600 rpm

Standard Material Construction:
Metal Components: 316 SS
Face: Chemical Grade Carbon
Optional: Tungsten Carbide
Elastomer: Standard Industrial Compounds
Seat: Ceramic, Silicon Carbide

Exclusive Infield Repair Kit:
When it comes time to replace your NUTECH 5 Seal you can repair it in your shop with our off the shelf infield repair kit. No new seals at full list price-no half price on exchange seals, but an infield repair kit at a fraction of the original cost. No rebuilts-all new components. Because of the exclusive design, your seal can repaired over and over again-costing you less. A repair kit consists of: new rotary face and holder, stationary seat, O-rings, set screws, and loading clips.

All NUTECH seals are manufactured to exact standards and are guaranteed free of defects in materials and workmanship. All seals are guaranteed for 90 days from delivery, excepting megligence, misuse, and abuse, and we will deliver at our expense a new seal to replace any seal found to be defective within said period. No registration card is required. This warranty is expressly in lieu of all warranties, expressed or implied, and of all obligation or liabilities on our part, including any liability for incidental or consequential damages.


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