Poly Scrub Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner 26# tub
Offers skin care products as hand cleaner, hand scrub, heavy duty hand cleaner, coco scrub hand cleaner, poly scrub hand cleaner by Dixie Packing and Seal Company in Nashville, USA.
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Item# Product Quantity Price
13126 Poly Scrub Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner 26# tub $136.50
This industrial strength, paste-type hand cleaner hits fast with millions of dirt busting 'poly scrubbers' to dig out and mop up the toughest soils. Poly Scrub powers out dirt, grease, ink, adhesives, hydraulic fluid and more-without harsh pumice or solvents that dry hands! Poly Scrub even fightes odors including fish, onion, garlic, fuel, oil, lubricant & printer's ink!

Paste-type hand cleaner utilizes soft poly scrubbers and a special blend of detergents. Contains no harsh solvents. Fortified with soothing emollients and has a refreshing lemon-lime fragrance.

Each hand wash costs just pennies per use when dispensed through the Poly 500 dispenser.

Available in a 26# tub.

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